It’s sinking…it’s sagging…its…wait…not me! Welp…it was…but, as my adventure continues through the menu here at Skin RN Aesthetics, I’ve come to love one very thing oh so much…Botox! Although this injection seems to be everywhere, there are so many different types of injections, it can be confusing, conflicting, and controversial. I’ve done my thorough research and have experienced a little of all and believe I still maintain a very natural and very youthful appearance. Botox, Juvederm, and Juvederm Voluma are all on our injection menu but they all play a different role depending on your desired outcome. Some of us use a little of all and others of us stick with one or the other, but our goal here at Skin RN is a natural, “less is more” approach in which you can have a little of all and maintain a natural appearance.

Wrinkles, oh how we despise them! They are caused by a variety of reasons most of which we would never regret doing: smiling, laughing, and even a little scolding! Genetics and environmental factors also play a large role. Have you ever heard the phrase: are you a sinker or a sagger? My family is full of saggers! So here’s to a little facelift (& maybe a few lunges.)

When deciding between a relaxing the wrinkle, such as Botox, and a filler, such as Juvederm, it’s important to evaluate the severity and location of aging. Botox, an injectable Botulinum Toxin A, is used primarily for fine lines and wrinkles located primarily in the forehead and crow’s feet. We do advice caution when having Botox injected in the lower face as your practitioner must be experienced and have a definitive plan prior to injecting. It is possible to fix a gummy smile or a few lines around the mouth but keep in mind that wherever Botox is injected, the muscle will be paralyzed, and yes, we know what your thinking. :) It is developed by a breakthrough technology that allows us to inject Botulinum Toxin A into the muscle to block its acetylcholine production, a necessary neurotransmitter for muscle contraction. This relaxes the muscle consequently relaxing the wrinkle and leaving you with a nice smooth, tight, almost wrink-less forehead. Who needs to frown anyway…right!? Botox produces exceptional results for fine lines, but for severe aging, the damage may be too severe to just use Botox but it can be easily combined with a filler product to assist in removing the wrinkle. The results from Botox gradually appear over 3-10 days as the medicine works its magic and may last anywhere from 6 weeks-4 months depending on how quickly your body metabolizes it.

There are so many reasons why Botox is a MUST in regards to anti-aging. If you begin Botox early, before damage appears, you can actually prevent the muscle from producing a wrinkle at all. In addition, if you are on an injection routine, every 3-4 months at least, your forehead and crow’s feet muscles will begin to atrophy from lack of usage, and you will need it less and less. Love! Although the number of those who receive Botox greatly outnumbers those who don’t, the number one concern is a fear of looking “frozen” and understandably so as it is always the bad that we see. Let’s be honest, if we knew when someone had good Botox, it wouldn’t be good! Skin RN has a unique injection technique that involves the proper dilution, physical mapping of the face, and we take the time to address concerns and walk you through each injection to ensure you’ll still have expression with minimal aging. Our last bit of advice, just like skydiving, Botox should never be Groupon’d!

Here are some fun facts about Botox:

It is the #1 minimally invasive procedure
Average time of procedure is 15 minutes
82% of patients see an improvement in one week
Average treatment lasts 4 months
In addition to Botox, fillers are an amazing addition to your treatment plan. These are devised for more severe aging or anything that can be corrected or improved by adding volume such as folds, dimples, and lips creating a smooth surface. It consists of Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally found in the body, combined with Lidocaine, to provide a more comfortable procedure and healing time. During the procedure you will be numbed in addition to the lidocaine within the syringe and the results, even with minor swelling, are seen immediately and should last around 8 months to a year. We chose Juvederm because it is FDA approved, smooth in consistency (unlike other brands of fillers,) and its impeccable reputation for long lasting results.

In addition to traditional dermal fillers, Juvederm Voluma, is finally FDA approved and is a new filler that is approved mid-face to provide a lift by replacing lost volume of the cheeks, one of the primary causes of sagging and consequently severe lines in the nasal labial folds and tear troughs. Voluma has now become the first step for many when beginning treatments using filler as it most naturally softens lines and can reduce or, for some, even eliminate the need for other fillers. It is injected, after numbing, directly onto the cheek bone and it lifts as the procedure continues. Although there can be a little bruising, this procedure has had the most dramatic, natural before and afters of any injectable in 11 years of being open. And just like traditional fillers, the results are immediate! We love this product! One of the biggest myths with this product is that it will make you have large round cheeks. This is not true. If you are sagging, you have lost volume in your cheeks and we’re just replacing what is lost and you should see a lift not large chubby cheeks.

Although brief, we hope this blog provided a little insight into all of our injections and we can’t wait to see you to answer anymore questions! Thank you for letting us “change your skin!”