Basic Facial, 1 hour
Starting at $75
  • add Glycolic – $90
  • A basic facial includes a thorough cleansing of the skin and product chosen for your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature, etc.).  Next, we exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells, followed by extractions if necessary.  Finally, we include a facial massage and a professional strength mask customized for either hydration, pore tightening, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, brightening skin tone or improving skin texture.  This treatment will exfoliate, detoxify, tighten pores, and nourish the skin while lifting dead skin cells rendering smooth, healthy-glowing skin!


Echo Two Plus™ oxygen facial
  • Nourish and revitalize your skin through the use pure oxygen!
  • Echo Two Plus™ was one of the first companies to develop pure oxygen facial treatments.  The word ECHO is used to represent the four steps of this facial.  Exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, and oxygenation.  It is designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize your skin through the use pure oxygen molecules. This patented treatment system can be utilized for both corrective and preventative skin care, and is especially effective for reducing the signs of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage, and exposure to pollutants.  This treatment uses a combination of 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and pure oxygen gas leaving your skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful.

Microdermabrasion, 1 Hour
  • Microdermabrasion is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks.
  • Microdermabrasion helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. Collagen is a protein in your skin that’s abundant when you’re a child and makes skin appear taut and smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.