Laser Hair Removal For All Skin Types

Skin RN offers laser hair removal for all skin tones ranging from very light to very dark, including tanned skin by using multiple lasers designed to treat your specific skin type.

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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Lip or Chin – $120 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $595
Side Burns – $140 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $695
Cheeks – $140 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $695
Between Brows – $80 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $395
Breasts – $140 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $695
Bikini – $200 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1000
Brazilian – $300 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1500
Legs to knee – $320 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1600
Legs, entire – $540 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $2700
Back, entire – $600 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $3000
Beard, entire – $320 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1600
Neck, front or back – $160 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $800
Chest – $300 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1500
Underarm – $200 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1000
Abdomen – $300 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1500
Arms to elbow – $300 per treatment – Package price (6 treatments) – $1500

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How To Determine Your Skin Type For Laser Hair Removal

The reason it’s important to understand your skin type is because different lasers are used to treat different skin types.  Before you choose to get laser hair removal, it’s important to determine if your treatment provider is using a device that will work effectively for your skin type.  Six different skin types are distinguished using the Fitzpatrick Scale, also known as the Fitzpatrick skin typing test. At Skin RN, we use multiple FDA approved devices to effectively treat all six skin types.

  • Level 1: Light, very fair, or “white.” Tends to have red or blond hair, and freckles. You rarely tan and often burn in the sun
  • Level 2 – Light, fair, or light-skinned European.  Tends to have light colored or red hair. Tanning can be a challenge.
  • Level 3 – Beige, light-intermediate, or dark-skinned European. Any hair or eye color.  Rarely burns, gradually tans.
  • Level 4 – Beige with a brown tint, also known as “Mediterranean” or “olive skin.” Dark brown to black hair and dark eyes.  Rarely burns and easily tans.
  • Level 5 – Brown, dark brown, or hispanic.  Black hair and brown or hazel eyes.  Tans every easily.
  • Level 6 – Very dark, or “black.”  Black hair with dark brown eyes with minor variations.  Never burns in the sun, or tans very easily.

Since we’ve treated thousands of patients, we’ll help you determine your skin type during a free consultation to make sure you get the very best results from laser hair removal.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

You may have noticed that pricing for laser hair removal is pretty broad.  That’s because of the wide variety of devices available for performing it. We currently utilize two different FDA approved, medical grade laser hair removal devices.  Both of these are considered “top of the line” equipment and give us the ability to treat all six skin types.

An important consideration before getting laser hair removal is the kind of equipment used for your treatment.  The FDA has recently reported that “so many devices have entered the laser hair removal market in recent years that they can no longer keep up with and approve every device available.” And manufacturers have popped up everywhere claiming that their single laser can treat all 6 skin types.

But here’s the catch … these devices may very well treat all 6 types, but in most cases, they will only EFFECTIVELY treat one or two types, while only removing a fraction of the hair on the other 4 types.

Inferior devices are popping up all the time and they cost a fraction of what a medical grade device costs.  So someone could buy one of these inferior devices today, take your money, and disappear (I just heard a story about a woman in Nashville who bought a $1,500 treatment package and the business closed before she ever received her first treatment).

This link reveals hundreds of consumer complaints about these unscrupulous businesses, and some of them are right here in Tennessee.

Skin RN Aesthetics has been open since 2003, so you can feel confident that we will be here to complete all of your treatments with the best available devices, and do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Does It Hurt?

Most of our customers have told us that laser hair removal with our devices is virtually painless.  But in some cases, when we treat more sensitive areas, a topical anesthetic can be used to minimize the discomfort.  Occasionally, you may feel something like a “rubber band snap” when the laser pulses, but it immediately subsides.

If you’ve ever experienced greater pain from laser hair removal, this probably indicates that the wrong device was used, or a topical anesthetic wasn’t available.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Clinical studies have show that of our laser hair removal devices attain a 73% to 93% permanent reduction in hair, six months after three treatments with optimal results after six treatments.  And since most patients want the very best results, we offer special pricing on six sessions.

Your treatments will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart to make sure the maximum amount of hair is removed each time.

We guarantee that you will see results from laser hair removal with Skin RN Aesthetics.

Before / After Photos

Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Bikini Before                                                Bikini After

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm Before                                     Underarm After

Back Laser Hair Removal

Back Before                                                           Back After

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