As the newbie of Skin RN, I get the most amazing privilege of trying out all of the services that I haven’t had done before…perks of the job! Approaching the big 3-0, I struggle with when to start worrying about aging which, I’m pretty sure, I was supposed to do 10 years ago. Instead, I was too busy slathering myself with tanning lotion, stressing myself sick over the little things, and, let me just be honest for a second, gaining HALF my body weight being pregnant which went directly to my cheeks…all of them! So where do I begin?!

Thank you to Christy Taylor, owner and CEO of Skin RN, and gobs of media surrounding these services, I knew exactly where to begin: microdermabrasion and micro-needling. I see it everywhere! There’s do it yourself (which would never work out well considering I can barely paint my toenails,) there’s microdermabrasion at the spa, and then there’s microdermabrasion at your physicians office. (Side Note: Micro-needling anywhere other than with a medical professional…let’s not even go there…I don’t think so!) So I did what any woman who has compared her future self to the crypt keeper would do…her research!

First of all, anything having to do with words such as abrasive or abrasion can sound a little painful, scary, or a little too familiar…you know who I’m talking about! :) You may have had such an experience if you received medical microdermabrasion or, God-forbid, micro-needling by an untrained, self-proclaiming “professional” but, when done correctly, it is a quick, gentle, and amazing experience with little down time which is exactly what I had.

I have found, when looking for microdermabrasion, there are three primary categories: at-home, spa, and medical. Here’s your why and your why NOT:

At-Home Microdermabrasion: This is an inexpensive alternative to a microdermabrasion but only going to produce results of mild exfoliation. This is not comparable to a professional microdermabrasion that is able to go deeper into the skin and produce maximum results. This also requires you to do your own maintenance and at your own risk. I’ve learned through the crazy trial and error of trying to wax myself…there are some things best left to the professionals. Also, lets be real, sanity has a price tag!

Spa Microdermabrasion: The primary goal of the spa is to provide a relaxing experience while providing skin maintenance. They aren’t allowed to carry medical-grade microdermabrasion machines, prescription skincare, and are consequently limited in their healing abilities. These treatments are often priced comparable to a medical microdermabrasion but with limited capabilities in truly changing your skin.

Medical Microdermabrasion: Although more expensive at times, this can only be performed by a trained medical professional. These machines can be used to travel deep into the skin providing maximum results. In addition, you are not only being offered a yummy, relaxing experience but you are also being evaluated by someone with the abilities to provide other tools, suggestions, treatments, and prescription products to produce exceptional healing. If you’re going to have a spa experience, a medical spa is going to be able to provide more medical options, exceptional results, and proper skin evaluations at a comparable price to an average spa.

One of the most impressive aspects of microdermabrasion is its ability to be paired.

Sloughing off layers of icky, wrinkling, dry, dead skin exposes fresh, new, undamaged skin that, when treated further can maintain elasticity, increase collagen production, and dramatically decrease lines and wrinkles. That’s why I paired microdermabrasion with Eclipse Micropen micro-needling.

Eclipse Micropen micro-needling increases collagen production through thousands of small punctures stimulating your skin’s natural healing process in which new skin dominates over the old. This makes this pen the SAFEST alternative to a dermal roller because of its usage of single-use surgical grade disposable needle tips AND you can use it on all types of skin. Safe and effective! This is why you MUST see a trained professional. Needles…enough said! Our professionals will also provide topical Hyaluronic Acid (HA) during the procedure to ensure your skin has the proper building blocks to rebuild itself. The HA is inserted deep into the skin via micro-punctures during the micro-needling process. According to, results are most dramatically noticed with the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and textural issues.

Combined with microdermabrasion, much of your old skin has already been removed, therefore, maximizing your results.

Here are the goods…Before and Afters!

After seeing these pictures, I couldn’t wait despite my fear of needles. For results like that, forget the pain! One thing I have figured out: beauty = pain and is totally worth it. Welp…I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t painful. Here’s the four-day skinny (if it only did that too!)

Four Day Skinny:

Day 1 – Procedure – The procedure began with numbing cream on my face and a warm chai tea in my hands. Not a bad start! Christy, through her years of experience, has known the forehead to be ultra-sensitive so she so kindly put numbing cream on mine to ensure a comfortable treatment. After 15 minutes, I went into a comfortable treatment room where she began microdermabrasion. It was a quick, and virtually painless. It had an oddly familiar feeling of a cat licking my face. Ha! That’s about as painful as it gets. Through an intermission of creams and a hot towel, she then began the micro-needling. This procedure was not as comfortable as microdermabrasion but by no means a very painful procedure. The most sensitive spots were the areas around the numbed area of my forehead and the tip of my nose. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being no pain and 10 as crying, I’d vote a 3-4. I expected a little discomfort…I want it to work! :) Afterwards, I felt and looked like I had a mild sunburn: a little pink and a little sensitive to the touch. Nothing a little makeup can’t cover!

Day 2 – I remained a little pink and sensitive but make-up easily covered it. I felt slightly puffy but only I could really tell.

Day 3 – I noticed a little flaking of dead skin but already felt confident in my new skin to only wear tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss. A huge deal for me! The tone and texture of my skin was quite different. I’m a very happy girl today!

Day 4 – Less flaking, more lift, and better tone.

Overall, this is an easy, mild procedure with incredible results. It’s short, less than one day, down-time makes it perfect for anyone’s busy lifestyle and completely worth every penny. In all honesty, I’m hooked! Depending on the severity of skin damage, the strength and length of time for the treatments will vary. I have been advised every six weeks, for 2-3 treatments, which is average. I’ll tell you one thing…they’ll have to keep me from going in earlier!

A little side note:

It seems to me that the primary complaints of microdermabrasion and micro-needling are definitely not the results because those are simply undeniable but the price. I have an enemy which I often refer to as “The Tub” which makes our special price of $150 practically free! It’s a tub, in my bathroom, that I throw product I’ve purchased and don’t get the results I wanted. It’s packed full!!

Here’s my “ah-ha moment” of the day! All of us on our quest for the Fountain of Youth have spent dollar after dollar to find our perfect product and/or tool. Sadly our $10 or $20 products have been tossed into “The Tub” time and time again due to our sheer boredom of their mediocrity. As I look into “The Tub,” I have realized I could have afforded real results from professional medical treatments with prescription products after all.

Now what to do with all of this…

In summary, if you are looking for true results at a reasonable price, microdermabrasion and micro-needling are an incredible option! For any questions regarding the procedure and/or results, please don’t hesitate to ask! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!